Financial and Structural Review

With a rapidly changing education landscape, school leaders now face unprecedented challenges. In addition to improving and maintaining educational standards, school leaders now need to consider managing intake and roll alongside decreasing annual budgets, and streamlining resources to ensure long term and sustainable financial viability. 

We will carry out a detailed review of your current operational structures. By analysing internal teaching, learning and support structures we will assist your school in developing an operational model which is both optimal to present circumstances but also sustainable into the future. We do this in two ways: 

First, we will produce a detailed Review Report of your organisational structure and operations. This will enable you to make a better-informed judgement as to whether you have the right structure in place. 

Second, we will draft an Action Plan setting our recommendations as to any remodelling or restructuring, which we feel is desirable to bring about necessary change.

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"Thank you for preparing and delivering a most informative presentation yesterday. As a headteacher, many of the courses on offer just make you think slightly differently about they way you do things. Very rarely, do I come back with a whole list of ideas that will improve the way we run our school whilst enhancing our provision. I like that your advice and suggestions weren't just about the dreaded visit, but was sound school improvement strategies. ” Elaine D'Souza, Headteacher, Hermitage Primary School

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