Primary School Improvement Service

Judicium School Improvement provides advice, guidance and professional development according to the needs of your school. Our service adheres to current DfE and Ofsted criteria.  Reviews are rigorous with the most recent Ofsted criteria and DfE regulations used to guide evaluation. 

Each year, we will agree priorities with you, and focus our service on attaining best practice and compliance in the following areas: Safeguarding, Teaching and learning, Ofsted expectations, Data management, Head Teacher appraisal, Governance and Value for money.

Our standard annual service includes: 

1. Annual audit of data and performance

This is a supportive but rigorous inspection-style evaluation of evidence to establish the school’s current levels of performance. A written report identifying strengths and practical advice for development is provided following the visit, this report forms the backbone of the annual school improvement plan.

2. Two termly monitoring visits with short reports

These are light-touch visits to monitor school improvement, provide feedback on performance (in particular the quality of teaching and pupil achievement) and give practical advice for ongoing, or emerging priorities.

3. Support with self-evaluation and action planning

This is a collaborative process between consultant and Headteacher. Using evidence to evaluate the impact of the school’s provision, you will then be supported to identify the most important priorities for improvement and establish appropriate measurable success criteria for your school improvement plan.

4. Annual audit and review of governance

This is a half-day or evening/weekend workshop to assess effectiveness, gaps in governor knowledge and identify priorities for development. It is a good opportunity for governors to share their concerns and ask questions.

5. Headteacher’s performance management

The allocated consultant will provide advice to governors and support to the Headteacher on target setting and performance in line with best practice and government requirements. They will provide a written statement after the visit.

6. Online or telephone advisory helpline for the Headteacher and chair of governors

If you have any queries regarding school improvement we will provide support via email within 36 hours. If you prefer to talk to someone on the phone about a concern this can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

7. Termly newsletter of school improvement and inspection matters

This provides regular updates and news on curriculum and inspection matters.

8. One focused review per year with report

This review could focus on:

  • Safeguarding
  • Pupil Premium
  • Financial Recovery Plan.
  • A curriculum area of your choice

9. One staff development training session

The Judicium School Improvement Team are training partners for the NAHT, as such you will be in a position to choose a topic from our approved NAHT courses or request a bespoke course which the team will tailor to your specific needs.

 NAHT course topics: 

  • Being Ofsted ready
  • Improving progress; avoiding coasting
  • Leading school safeguarding
  • Moving towards joining or forming a Multi-Academy Trust
  • Securing long term financial viability
  • Leading school assessment.

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"So many things to think about, without a doubt the most informative and useful course I have been on this year.” Anna Golightly, Peterborough Learning Partnership

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