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Judicium’s Health & Safety Compliance Service is designed to support schools, firstly, in ensuring a safe working and learning environment, secondly, in complying with the legal requirements imposed on them as employers under the various Health & Safety laws and regulations.

The service comprises:

1. Health & Safety Audit

At the outset of our relationship with schools, and annually thereafter, we conduct an in depth audit of the school’s management of health & safety, benchmarked against the best practice set out by the HSE. This exercise will assess the scope and effectiveness of current arrangements. It will also audit compliance with all relevant legislation and associated Codes of Practice. The Audit Report will identify gaps in compliance and set out our recommendations on those improvements necessary to ensure satisfactory health & safety management; it is intended to be a key report to the Headteacher and Governors to enable them to assess how well the vital issue of safety is currently managed and to discharge their management responsibilities.

2. Policy and Procedure

We draft and keep under review policies and procedures, including:

School/Academy Health & Safety Policy

Subsidiary Policies such as:

First Aid and Medicines


Managing Contractors and Site Safety Rules


Educational Visits etc


Fire Management Policy, etc

Model Department Policy:

For adaptation and adoption by curriculum area/department

3. Risk Assessments

We carry out and document on your behalf a number of assessments of the risks in key areas. These will be based both on our own observations and an assessment of current practice and procedures when benchmarked against best practice measures. Our recommendations for improved control of risks in these areas are then set out in an Action Plan for the school.

4. Fire Safety

We carry out a full Fire Risk Assessment and review this annually or sooner if there are significant changes. We prepare a dedicated Fire Safety Action Plan and provide advice on a wide range of fire safety issues.

5. Curriculum Risks

Where appropriate, we meet with the Heads of Department of the higher-risk, practical subjects to assess with them how safety is managed in their department and provide advice as necessary. Again current practice will benchmarked against best practice measures and our recommendations for improved control of risks in these areas are set out in an Action Plan.

6. Access to Competent Person

You will be allocated a Lead Consultant, who will be a specialist School safety adviser, who you can contact directly for advice on any health & safety matter.

7. Accident Investigation Support

Should an accident, near-miss or serious incident occur in your school, we will assit you to carry out an investigation to determine the cause of the event and identify any failure in the health and safety management system. Once a cause has been determined, we will provide guidance as to amendments to procedures or behaviour necessary to prevent recurrence.

8. Legal expenses Insurance

Included in your monthly fee, but subject to a separate agreement, you will benefit from an indemnity covering the legal costs of defending any health and safety prosecution, improvement notice, or enforcement order. Cover is in the sum of £100, 000.

9. Online Resources

Clients have access to an online Document Library of risk assessment templates and examples, checklists, guidance documents etc. written specifically for Schools. Heads of Department can, for example, find and download detailed risk assessments which they can edit to reflect their own particular circumstances and procedures.

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