Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning Review for Multi-Academy Trusts

Judicium school improvement team specialise in providing integrated curriculum and financial planning reviews with an approach which has evolved over the years, using now well-established tools and effective solutions to support schools and multi-academy trusts to implement economies without jeopardising pupil outcomes. 

Our team of school improvement consultants are all ex-Headteachers and experienced school improvement advisers with Ofsted training.  Our focus is the leadership of resources, creating economies of scale and effective workforce deployment.  Our absolute focus is that reports will only recommend changes which we are confident will not impact negatively on pupil outcomes.

Our approach - how we can help

We will carry out a detailed review of your current operational structures. By analysing internal teaching, learning and support staff structures, and teaching timetable structures within each school. We will assist your school in developing an operational model, which is both optimal to present circumstances but also sustainable into the future. Our recommended process is as follows: 

Step one: Off-site review of documentation

At the outset, before our visit, we will be in touch to obtain critical information on each school within your MAT. We will use this information to analyse your teaching and support staff structure and salaries, the curriculum offer, learner numbers, timetable structures, school improvement initiatives and income and expenditure over the last three years to highlight areas for further review. This is the preparation stage and is a crucial part of the process

Techniques we will use: 

  • Cost of one lesson
  • Contact ratio
  • Curriculum bonus
  • Class sizes
  • Analysis of structural V non-structural costs
  • Analysis of salary bench marking across the Trust
  • Analysis of MAT wide economies of scale and centralised provision of services

Step two: Review of teaching and support structures and resources

Following the initial preparation work, we will visit your MAT to meet with senior leaders and financial managers. During this meeting we will share our initial findings from the desk based review and discuss in detail the implications of the recommendations we are making. This meeting will enable us to discuss and agree improvements to support and teaching staff deployment, salaries and contracts, site resources, economies of scale particularly through procurement and income generation, amongst other things.

Step three: Detailed Report and Recovery Plan

Following the visit we will produce a detailed report (compatible with Annex K MDIF funding), which will include an action plan for improvements. The report will signpost school leaders towards measures that will reduce costs and bring about long-term financial viability. The action plan will support you to a positive budget position, over a defined period of time.

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"Peterborough Learning Partnership CIC has worked with Judicium School Improvement for a number of years. We have always found them to be professional, committed to school improvement and dynamic in their response to national and local trends in education. We are delighted that many of our schools access the school improvement support that they offer.” Iain Simper, Chief Executive, Peterborough Learning Partnership

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