Local Authorities

Judicium School Improvement values its partnerships with local authorities. Models vary according to the needs of each individual authority. For example, we work in partnership with Poole Local Authority providing a school improvement and governor training service for all sector schools within the authority. In Salford we work as an approved provider through the School Provider Arm (SPA). Schools access our services through a school-led improvement service. In Tameside we run courses and carry out reviews; the local authority has also commissioned our services to work with schools on an individual basis and recommends us to schools as a quality assured provider. We provide courses on behalf of the Peterborough Learning Partnership and the Bury Secondary Learning Collaborative.

We deliver our courses in locations across the country, including London for the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT). Specialising in preparing for Ofsted, senior and middle leader improvement and support for Governing Bodies.

"So many things to think about, without a doubt the most informative and useful course I have been on this year.” Anna Golightly, Peterborough Learning Partnership

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